Vijay Pratap’s Resignation Brings Bargari Insaaf Morcha to the Forefront

Insaaf Morcha is actively asking for justice in the Sacrilege cases – Kotkapura and BehBal Kalan Police Firing Cases. The Bargari Insaaf Morcha and Kaumi Insaaf Morcha are formed to help the victims of sacrilege cases.

Behbal Kalan village on December 16, 2021, and entered day 405 on January 25 while Kaumi (national) Insaaf Morcha has started at YPS chowk on the border of Mohali and Chandigarh since January 7 this year. These two groups are actively showing their anger and questioning the state government to solve the cases.

AAP MLA Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh resigned from the Government Assurances Committee of Vidhan Sabha probing sacrilege cases, protesters sitting at Bargari morcha stated that it should be a wake-up call for the AAP government.

It is noted that Kuwar Vijay Pratap Singh was earlier heading the SIT team formed to investigate the Behbal Kalan and Kotkapura cases.

Statement by Sukhraj Singh, son of Behbal Kalan firing victim

Sukhraj Singh, son of Krishan Bhagwant Singh, one of the victims of the Behbal Kalan firing case, had started Bargari Insaaf Morcha. 

Sukhraj said, “Kunwar Vijay Pratap who had earlier conducted an impartial inquiry in the Behbal Kalan firing case when he was the IGP had come to our morcha two-three times. The last time he came was on October 14, 2022 — the 7th anniversary of Behbal Kalan’s firing. He is an upright person who wants justice and today his resignation from the committee indicates that the present government is also taking time in this case.”

Criticism of Arvind Kejriwal’s promise during the Assembly poll campaign

Sukhraj added, “AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal during the Assembly poll campaign had stated that if AAP comes to power, the SIT report of Kunwar Vijay Pratap will be implemented in 24 hours… but now 10 months have passed since the formation of the government and our dharna is still continuing.”

Sukhraj added that he is still hopeful that people who ordered the firing will be punished.

Gurdeep Singh Bathinda, president of United Akali Dal who is from one of the organizations sitting at YPS Chowk, Chandigarh, said:

We hail the decision of Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh’s resignation which is a slap on Mann government’s face. Many organizations have joined hands to start this morcha at Chandigarh and we are trying our best so that Bargari Insaaf Morcha can also join hands with us.

Panthic organizations have joined hands to fight for justice in sacrilege cases which are seven years old now and also to seek the release of bandi Singhs (Sikh prisoners).

Vijay Pratap’s Address at Behbal Kalan

On October 14 last year, Pratap had given a 50-minute-long speech at Behbal Kalan in which he stated that the Bargari sacrilege and Behbal Kalan firing cases are now seven years old and when a case stretches so long, people start believing that justice will not be delivered.

He had claimed he was just one of the representatives of the government and action has to be taken by the persons ruling the government. He even stated that people should hope for the best. On April 14, 2021, Pratap resigned from the post of IG. Though the then Punjab CM Capt Amarinder Singh had refused to accept the resignation, the IPS officer was firm on his decision. Later, he joined AAP and contested from Amritsar North in 2022 from where he won as well.

Seeking Justice: The Quest for Fair Trial in Sacrilege Cases and Release of Sikh Prisoners

Maan’s government is the third state government, following the SAD and Congress, to fail in resolving the firing case. Despite this, the accused, including former IG PS Umranangal, are ready to cooperate with the investigation by offering support and even agreeing to take a lie detector test. Despite the persistent efforts of the SIT team, the case remains unsolved. It has become a high-priority matter. Immediate action must be taken to resolve the case and maintain peace and social balance.

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