Umranangal Case Twist and Turns – Politically Motivated

With every passing day 2015 Kotkapura firing case, is becoming more and more complex. The case has witnessed various twists and turns; different people are coming up with their point of view, politicians making biased comments, alas all this has only delayed the decision. This shows that Umranangal case twist and turns are politically motivated.

Of late, Harsimrat Kaur Badal (food-processing industry minister) expressed her views. She said igp ps umranangal arrest is politically motivated move. She is of the view that the State government is favoring the hardliners by taking action against him; this move has also demoralized the police force.

Giving a statement on IPS Paramraj Singh Umranangal’s arrest, the food-processing industry minister said that this is not going to benefit Punjab or anyone else, but unfortunately, this step has only jeopardized the internal security of the nation.

Sidhu Says Action in Kotkapura Was Planned in Advance

navjot singh sidhu statement on kotkapura firing case

Navjot Singh Sidhu has also made a statement saying that there is video evidence where the protesters can be seen attacking the police officials. The protesters had swords and sticks, the police Before the start of commotion, Ranbir Singh Khatra (then DIG of Bhatinda) can be seen having a word with Sikh preacher Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale and Panthpreet.

Mr. Sidhu, referring to the Justice Ranjit Singh (retd) Commission report, commented that the whole action against the protesters was Pre-planned. Mantar Singh, one of the key politicians of the then ruling party, also didn’t let the doctors treat the injured protesters, and it was Mantar’s political influence owing to which the doctors refused to prepare the medical reports as well. Also noted that based on SIT report, ex mla made accused in igp umranangal kotkapura firing case

Another Step Towards Fair Probe in PS Umranangal Case

ex mla mantar singh brar made accused in kotkapura firing case

Akali-BJP alliance Deputy Commissioner of Kotkapura informed the senior medical officer of Kotkapura in advance. It was 6:45 am when the police swung into action. As per SIT, when Mantar Singh was asked about his presence at the spot, he was found making contradictory statements.

The sacrilege cases and its Pre-planned conspiracy is being linked with the transfer of then state intelligence chief Hardeep Dhillon. Mr. Dhillon was more experienced and had all the expertise in the Intelligence wing to effectively handle this case, but despite this, he was replaced by a junior officer, RK Jaiswal, of DIG rank.

He was assigned to take over the task of the intelligence wing. It is worth mentioning here that three senior officers of ADGP/DGP rank were available for this post at that time. As per the chargesheet, Mr. Jaiswal was also instructed to report to Punjab DGP Sumedh Singh Saini.

IG Umranangal Kotkapura Case Disclosure in SIT ChargeSheet

The chargesheet also contains claims made by SIT that a series of incidents, the first incident took place on October 12, 2015, and over 15 cases of sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib were registered between October 10 to October 30. All of these incidents including 2015 Kotkapura Police Firing transpired after the transfer of Mr. Dhillon.

The chargesheet also contained the information that states about the questioning of the then Punjab CM by SIT. He was inquired about the circumstances which led to the removal of one of the senior police officers from the post of intelligence chief and the joining of the DIG rank officer in his place.

SIT special report says, there is more to come out in umranangal kotkapura case sit chargesheet. Even there is a mention of Actor Akshay Kumar in the Justice Ranjit Singh Commission report. He had appeared in front of SIT where the actor denied allegations about his involvement in arranging the meeting between the then CM of the ruling party and Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh is alleged. The actor had to appear before SIT as it was believed that he ensured the release of MSG-2 (movie made by the Derachief) in Punjab.

IGP Umranangal Seeks Call Details of the Special Investigation Team (SIT)

ig umranangal has requested the court to arrange sit call details

IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal has requested the court to arrange call details of the SIT members, probing the case, including Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh (Inspector General), Vibhor Singh (Deputy superintendent of Police), Arun Pal (Inspector General), Satinder Pal (Senior Superintendent of Police), Anil Bhanot (Deputy Superintendent of Police) and Pramod Kumar (Additional Director General of Police).

PS Umranangal has also filed two separate applications to claim the records in Faridkot court. In addition, he also inquired about the status of two FIRs, particularly in umranangal police firing case.

It is sad to see that a senior police official, who has not done anything wrong, has to work so hard to prove his innocence. Moreover, all the rumors being circulated online has made people familiar with the whole case and generated a judgmental view of a police officer who has given precious years of his life to serve our nation’s police.

IPS Paramraj Singh Umranangal Yet to Get Justice

This particular case of umranangal shows that if a senior police official has to go through all this and that too, when he has not done anything wrong, then imagine what an ordinary person has to go through.

Moreover, there is a need to decouple politics from the police as political influence can be seen in this as well. This is the reason the truth is still behind the curtains, and the real culprits are at large. As you see this case is full of twist and turns, clearly indicates sit a puppet of cm in ig paramraj singh umranangal case 

It is unfair to brand someone as guilty purely based on rumors. People should hold their rush to the judgment, keep faith in our judicial system, and let the constitutional process prevail.

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