Sacrilege Cases Added Spark To 2022 Punjab Elections

Sacrilege occurrences lightened up the fuel and became a political agenda during the Punjab Elections 2022. The sensitivity and religious sentiments are still fresh even after seven years. Many inquiry committees have been part of investigations Even the political parties in Punjab (Congress and SAD-BJP) have played an influential presence on the unsolved case. The central government and CBI are part of this religious-turned political case.

Sacrilege cases and punjab election 2022

In the 2022, February Assembly Elections in Punjab, the media was regularly talking about the case to bring forth the hidden stories and details of the case. A couple of incidents occurred in lieu of the case which were swayed by the political agendas of parties. However, no further development has come on the case from the court.

What is the Behbal Kalan firing case?

Behbal Kalan firing case

June 1, 2015 – A “bir” of Guru Granth Sahib was stolen from a Gurdwara in Burj Jawahar Singh Wala hamlet.

September 24, 2015 – At night, disparaging posters were set up at Bargari and Burj Jawahar Singh Wala.

October 12, 2015 – Torn pages of a “bir” were found scattered near Bargari Gurdwara.

On October 14, 2015 – The police opened fire at the people protesting against the desecration of the Guru Granth Sahib at Behbal kalan and Kotkapura in the district.

Two protesters, Gurjeet Singh, and Krishan Bhagwan Singh were killed and six others were injured.

Highlights of Investigations

Oct 15, 2015: Police lodge FIR of rioting and arson against protesters. Then Deputy CM Sukhbir Badal ordered setting up of Justice Zora Singh probe panel.

A Panel of Justice Zora: The panel condemned police for ‘unjustified’ firings and a failure to thoroughly examine the case in its June 2016 report. It didn’t say who ordered the shooting or who was to blame for the desecration.

November 2015- The SAD-BJP government sent the investigation details to the center. However, the case was closed in 2018, citing a lack of evidence against the ten people.

The CBI dismissed the DIG’s report. Its closure report did not blame anyone from the police department.

Present Scenario

Five-member SIT: The state formed SIT under Prabodh Kumar with Ex IG Kunwar Vijay Pratap and 3 other members to probe Kotkapura and Behbal Kalan cases. The state formed another SIT under IG Surinder Parmar.

On April 9, 2021- HC RULING & FRESH SIT- the HC quashed the five-member SIT probe and ordered the formation of a new team without IG Pratap as a member.

Verdict Awaited

Verdict Still Awaited

With the failure to take Kotkapura and Behbal Kalan cases to a logical conclusion even after five years, Congress leadership and local candidates are refraining from raising the issues at the epicenter Faridkot ahead of Punjab polls.

For the Faridkot families, however, justice eludes and the matter no longer finds prominence in the political campaign too. However, the demonstrations continue in the hope to get justice.

In the public interest, there is no resonance of this case with the political movement. There is no point in political parties taking the sympathy of the local people and making a clear path to fulfill their political agenda. This time AAP wins in Punjab. People in Punjab have shown their democratic right and gave their primary concern more weightage over the sentiment issues.

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