A Visionary and Proactive Social Worker – Paramraj Singh Umranangal

The land of Punjab is blessed with eminent personalities and people who are ready to go beyond making others’ lives better. Our enriched history and lifestyle to sacrifice for others continues. Grandson of Jiwan Singh Umranangal, Paramraj Singh Umranangal has lived his life with such great values and ethics.

People of Punjab are known for having “Big Hearts”. But a few of them are thinking for the welfare of the society at large. Paramraj Singh Umranangal has been appreciated and receives much appreciation for carrying out social welfare activities like (recently)- donations on the World Cancer Day for cancer patients.

When it comes to standing up with families of victims, he has helped with an open heart. He has paid Rs 1 Lakh cheque to the family of Raghbir Singh. He is a helping hand to Cop Harjeet Singh.

It seems that the list can go on and on. It was Paramraj Singh Umranangal, who helped Naib Subedar Paramjit Singh, who gave his life for the nation in the Poonch district of J&K. He was the one who visited the subedar’s native village in Tarn Taran and helped the grieved family by giving cheque of One Lakh rupees.

He values the efforts of the farmers. He was standing beside farmers in their protest. His major concern was to find out a solution peacefully. In the tough COVID Times, he was contributing by sending regular food supplies to Sri Darbar Sahib in Covid Time.

His vision for the welfare of Punjab and proactive action are truly appreciable. We are grateful to have him among ourselves , always guiding and inspiring us!

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