Ex MLA Made Accused in IGP Umranangal Kotkapura Case

SIT (Special Investigation Team), who has been probing the 2015 police firing cases, has revealed a new name in the case, he is none other than ex-MLA Mantar Singh Brar. SIT has arraigned Brar under the charges of attempt to murder and criminal conspiracy in the Kotkapura firing case in 2015. After all evidence against Mantar Singh Brar, Ex MLA made accused in igp umranangal kotkapura case

He is the first politician to be named in this case. The ruling party in Punjab has demanded numerous times to take action against other senior leaders of the then ruling party.

Brar Fearing Arrest in Firing Over Desecration Protestors

akali leader fearing arrest in firing over desecration protestors

The court found that Brar had made 157 calls to top police officials, politicians, and other leading dignitaries on the intervening night of October 13-14, 2015. The conversation between him and the senior officials clearly exhibits he was aware of the fact that such an incident could take place.

Moreover, he didn’t let the doctors, at the government hospital, treat the injured protesters. It is because of Brar’s alleged political influence; the doctors didn’t engage themselves in preparing the medical reports. And the police also abstain from taking any cognizance of the complaints made by them.

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Blanket Anticipatory Bail Plea of Ex MLA Dismissed

blanket anticipatory bail plea of ex mla dismissed in kotkapura case

Brar, seeking blanket bail in the Session Court, moved an application. Before he had produced the application, SIT has probed the MLA twice for any involvement in Kotkapura firing case in 2015.

He was questioned for seven hours in the presence of then SDM Kotkapura, Harjit Singh Sandhu. SIT has also added that he has not co-operated during the investigation, owing to which they were dubious about his involvement in the whole case.

During the investigation, SIT found that Mantar Singh made contradictory statements as well about his presence at the spot, this made them more suspicious about his involvement in the case.

Rajnish Goyal (District Attorney General) commented that SIT had done in-depth interrogation with Brar and successfully got some points that are adequate to link him to the case.

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Why Ex MLA Brar Anticipatory Bail Plea Rejected

ex mla mantar singh brar made accused in kotkapura firing case

The court asked to SIT on what grounds Mantar Singh was arrested and in reply, the team replied that had been charged in the case registered against him on August 7, 2018, on the statement made by Ajit Singh (one of the injured on that fateful day).

As per Inspector General Vijay Pratap Singh, the blanket bail application, moved by Mantar Singh, has turned infructuous.

As per Mr. VK Syal (former SDM Faridkot), Brar was aware of the whole situation at Kotkapura, and he even informed the leading politicians that the number of protesters is increasing and proper action needs to be taken to disperse them.

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IG Umranangal is Being Framed for Political Gains

igp umranangal arrest is a political motivated move

With all these facts and information, it can be said that IG Umranangal has become a victim of a political game. Even if there are apt evidence that proves his innocence, Umranangal is falsely framed in this case. IGP Umranangal’s arrest is a politically motivated move

Paramraj Singh Umranangal IPS is an honest police officer who is carrying the sanctity of police uniform, and it is pointless to pull him down in the light of foggy facts and Janus-faced politics.

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