Police Can Not Be Solely Blamed in IG Umranangal Case

Behbal Kalan firing case and Kotkapura firing incident is one of the controversial cases in the history of Punjab. The whole case has become so twisted that everyone is passing comments on the case, including top police officials and political dignitaries, hence perplexing the whole case. Amidst all this chaos, common man is still awaiting final verdict and want to know who is the main culprit behind all this. Police can not be solely blamed in ig umranangal case, as its an involvement of politicians and police official.

People, from different communities, stood unitedly against the heinous act not only in India but it was opposed across the world as well. Years have passed, but families of the people who died during the protest, in Behbal Kalan and Kotkapura, are yet to get justice. Expressing utter disappointment, these families say that they have lost their faith in the government to get them justice.

Need to Decouple Police From Politics in PS Umranangal Case

Now, everyone seems to be pointing fingers at the police. Pointing fingers is baseless when actual facts are yet to be unearthed. Police attacking the protesters is just one side of the story. Common man is not told the actual facts, owing to this, they easily make a point of view on the basis of what they are being shown or informed.

Today, it is quite common to see political interference in the functioning of the police. Behbal Kalan and Kotkapura firing case is one of the examples of this. SIT (Special Investigation Team) is probing the firing case. They have arrested one of the most respected and Senior Police Officials IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal in 2015 saying that they have apt evidence of his involvement in the case.

SIT team comprises of some of the top police officials headed by Mr. Prabodh Kumar. Alas, the investigation team had a feud amongst themselves where Mr. Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh is on one side and rest 4 members on the other. If the investigation team is having a clash of opinions amongst themselves, how can we expect an impartial verdict. This clearly indicates incompetence of sit in behbal kalan & kotkapura firing cases

IPS Umranangal 2015 Kotkapura Police Firing Case

protestors burnt police vehicle in Kotkapura incident

If we look closely at the case, the police officials were just doing their duty i.e. peacefully managing the protesters and maintaining peace. The protesters were in huge number and they were also carrying swords. The reason is still unknown as to how the mob suddenly became agitated.

All this resulted in a chaotic situation where it became hard to manage the protesters. The protesters also burnt police vehicles and one of the police officials was brutally beaten. After all this, it is clear that police had to take some action seeing the provocative actions from the protesters, that said it is not clear who panicked from the police team and fired in the air. To know about what happened that fatal day, you must read about igp umranangal 2015 kotkapura police firing case

Politicians Are Playing the Blame Game for Kotkapura Incident

igp umranangal arrest is a political motivated move

At that moment, IG Umranangal was not authorized to take any action and it is totally baseless to blame him solely for the killings. How can he give firing orders when he know that it can result in mass casualty? Various political dignitaries are also involved in the case. Now with the arrest of IG Umranangal, politicians have started playing blame game. This has a negative impact on the police officials and it certainly lowers the morale of the police officials.

This incident took place at a time when elections were fast approaching. Both the ruling party and opposition party were busy playing the blame game, but nobody was thinking of the innocent lives that were lost. Its as simple as that igp umranangal arrest is a politically motivated move.

Mantar Brar (ex-MLA) is one of the politicians who has been arrested on the charges of attempt to murder and criminal conspiracy in Kotkapura incident. SIT found that Brar made over 100 calls to the top police officials and politicians on the intervening night of October 13-14, 2015. It was also found that he was continued talking to the police officials before and after the incident at Kotkapura. On the basis of the conversation, the investigation team found that he was aware of the fact that such incident may take place. On the basis of investigation and facts, ex mla made accuse in kotkapura case

SIT Names Former Akali MLA Brar in Kotkapura FIR

ex mla mantar singh brar made accused in kotkapura firing case

Mr. Rajnish Goyal (Faridkot District Attorney General) told that Mantar Brar used his political influence, owing to which the injured protesters were not able to get first aid on October 14, 2015.In the presence of Harjit Singh Sandhu (then SDM Kotkapura) he was interrogated for seven hours. Mr. Goyal also added that they have apt evidence to link him with the case.

What went against Mantar Singh Brar was his non-cooperative behavior during the investigation, which made the investigation team suspicious of his role in the case. Besides, he was also found making contradictory statements about his presence at the spot.

IGP Umranangal Arrest is Political Motivated Move

PS Umranangal belonged to one of the prominent families who laid their lives for the peace and harmony of Punjab. Jiwan Singh Umranangal, grandfather of Paramraj Singh Umranangal, was the revenue minister of Punjab. On 21 January 1992 he set up his own party – Jagat Akali Dal, however he later on merged the party with Akali Dal in February 1998.Jiwan Singh received death threats from Khalistan Security Force (KSF) in 1986, but he stood his ground and faced them.

Since the politicians tend to use their political positions to influence various police officials in different high-profile cases, there should be some law that decouples police from politics. Police must function independently and without any external pressure, then only we can expect cases to be solved quickly. SIT is a puppet of CM in IG Umranangal Case and has been pressurized for taking any independent action.

As far as blaming Paramraj Singh Umranangal to be the main accused in the firing case is baseless as the final decision is yet to come. His arrest is political motivated as many top politicians are involved in this case and they are just trying to save themselves. He is an honest police officer who was just doing his duty and he is being framed in the whole case.

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