Cold Cases Solved By Paramraj Singh Umranangal

It is a distasteful action to arrest and humiliate someone, especially a person who enjoys a respectable position of Inspector General and has not done anything wrong, based on unclear facts and Janus-faced politics.

But, imagine how would one feel when they had to go through the exact situation. It is a situation where nobody wants to see themselves in. However, unfortunately, Paramraj Singh Umranangal and his family had to go through all this. It is not wrong to say that he paid the price of being an honest and sincere police officer who was doing his duty. Still, he became a victim of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

Alas, the media has projected a negative perception of IG Umranangal and made the people believe the opposite of what he is actually in reality. He is associated with various noble causes. He has contributed a lot as a policeman and as a human being as well. Look into some of history’s famous solved cold cases by IG Umranangal.

A case that brought By Umranangal – Daler Mehndi convicted in Human Trafficking Case

Singer Daler Mehndi arrested by IG umranangal

Putting a shame to all the false allegations, it was PS Umranangal, who was behind the arrest of the famous Punjabi singer, Daler Mehndi. On the complaint of Bakshish Singh, the Supercop, along with his team, arrested the Punjabi singer. It is asserted that Daler mehndi took Rs. 13 lakhs from the complainant to send him abroad. The police arrested Shamsher Singh (brother of Daler Mehndi), who was also involved in this case. On interrogation with Mehndi, he confessed that he used to take the people by making them a part of his troupe and then desert them in nations like the United States of America and Canada. Police have also nabbed other accomplices of Daler Mehndi.

Umranangal Recovered Six-year Old Kidnapped Boy From Dirbha

Umranangal recovered six year old boy in Patiala

Paramraj Singh Umranangal and his team successfully nabbed the kidnappers of a six-year-old boy Hartejibir Buttar. The kidnappers, 5 of them and all in their early 20s, planned to extort a substantial amount of Rs. 30 Lakh from the Buttar family. The best part of this case is that the police team was so swift that it took 40 hours for the police team, under the supervision of the then Patiala Zone Inspector PS Umranangal, to track down the kidnappers and they recovered the child safe and sound.

IG Umranagnal Ban on sale of army fatigues not enforced in Ludhiana

IG Umranagnal Ban on sale of army fatigues not enforced in Ludhiana

When Paramraj was the Commissioner of Ludhiana, he banned the sale of army uniforms in the city with immediate effect. The orders were issued under section 144 of CrPC. He ordered that the sale of the army uniforms will be banned without valid identification. This action was taken to prevent terror attacks. This move is also justified in the light of the Pathankot Airbase attack. Attempts were being made by the terrorists to infiltrate, and the worst part is that they all were in army uniform. 

He also prohibited the use of blue and red colored police stickers on private vehicles. Besides, he banned using plates of political parties on the vehicles. He said both these are violations of the Motor Vehicle Act. These moves, collectively, by the Supercop, were equally appreciated by the police fraternity and the common man. 

PS Umranangal Taken Action on Drugs Maffia

PS Umranangal Taken Action on Drugs Maffia

PS Umranangal also played an important role in putting an end to the drug menace in Punjab. While presiding over a zonal level seminar which was attended by youths, sarpanch from different villages, and delegates from various NGOs, he stressed that people should cooperate with the police to eradicate this social evil. He also advised to beware of the false publicity being done on numerous social media platforms.  

Umranangal takes top cop office, to start a new helpline

Umranangal takes top cop office, to start new helpline

On taking charge of Ludhiana police commissioner, PS Umranangal gave a statement where he promised that he would be directly addressing the common grievances of the people. He also started a helpline where the people can register their complaints, and they can give their feedback to improve the police’s shortcomings. He added that he would keep a check on the complaints and the feedback provided by the common people. He also built a new waiting hall with a sitting capacity of 100 visitors along with other facilities at the premises of police headquarters.  

Punjab Police IGP Umranangal Busted Arms Racket in Punjab


When PS Umranangal was the Inspector General of Ferozepur, IGP Umranangal busted arms racket of illegal arms in Punjab. A total of 53 illegal weapons were seized, along with 16 fake arms licenses and documents. The accused arrested in this case are – Om Prakash Kapoor (Panipat), Kamal Kant, and Amardeep (both from Bagpat, Uttar Pradesh), Dinesh Palta (a typist in the district court), Om Prakash (Haryana), and Sant Ram (Ferozepur). 

As for the seized weapons, it includes – 1 rifle of.30 bore, 12 guns of .12 bore, 6 pistols of .32 bore, 17 rifles of .315 bore, and 2 revolvers of .22 bore. 

So, we should not jump to conclusions and, most importantly, don’t believe the rumors. Let us trust our judicial system and the constitution process.

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